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Enterprise Outbound

As I am a young Enterprise-Professional and I am on a greenfield territory, 70% of my pipeline depends on outbound.

So far the best working method/cadence is:

  1. ColdBasho with a common topic between the c-level prospect and me: Same Linkedin Contacts, Sports, a good Key Note of him/her etc…

…usually they don´t answer and after a week…

  1. Call the person / front office if c-level and ask why that they please answer your mail, which you sent on the 12.10.2020 and if he / her is not the right person please make me an introdution to the right person.

… that worked best so far.

As I am new, I wonder what others do, to get it rollin (outbound wise) ?

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Being systematic is the key here.

  • How many SDR’s do you have helping you harvest the territory and how many touchpoints do you reach out for on average?
  • Also, have you got your laser sharp ICP in order?
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Good call with the ICP. But how do you find out, which suits you best? In my case there are so many stakeholders in my company involved, who def. have different opinions on that, e.g:

  1. CEO -> Vision, Big Enterprise C-Level; Land, expand and explode
  2. VP Sales -> most money, lowest resistence
  3. VP Costumer Success -> perfect fit with super smart user

… and so on!

Based on data of course… Where are you having the most traction currently company-wide? What is the common thread among your current buyers?

Importance of a crystal clear ICP

Understanding the ICP in as much detail as possible is the most single critical thing. Otherwise your engine runs empty and a lot of effort will be thrown out of the window.


You also mentioned referrals… If that works for you so far, why wouldn’t you double down on that by finding first your ideal prospect and then looking for an appropriate referral through a 2nd or 3rd degree common connection, or is this exactly what you do now?

By the way, what do you mean by “basho” emails and why do they work for you so far? Where did you even get this name from?

Sure data (buzz word nr. 1 in SAAS), but:

  1. When i look on data and i try to differentiate company wide, almost 93% of the costumer are SMB and 60% of the revenue is Enterprise. -> ok enterprise seems obvies !!!

  2. Enterprise 10 Costumers -> is n=10 enough, to do a data driven ICP?
    -> How many do u think are the critical mass?
    -> … and if you have enough, what are the questions to answer?
    -> Buying Center + ROI + Buying Process (RFI, RFP, RFQ) sales wise? product fit excluded!

Damn CRITICAL thing!!!

Referrals are def. the thing to go but hard to scale.

-> One by one and usually in enterprises just for other department!

Aren’t enterprise customers often truly case by case basis? I think 10 would be for sure enough, but if you even just analyze 3 and get a solid understanding on what happened, this would help. Maybe the AEs could present it to the rest of the team? Probably some low-key, small scale PoC might be the way to enter while keeping in mind the value prop as you reach out.

Every new enterprise customer typically has its own story.

If you don’t have a repeatable, well-designed process yet, instead of questions to be answered (I’ll think about this actually), just do what ever it takes to land your initial enterprise customers in a new market. It’s a tough job for sure.

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